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April 09, 2021 4 min read

Benefits of Astragalus Root - NeoGen Life Nutrition


Traditionally, the herb Astragalus has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine.

Ranging from immune-boosting, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects, it has several health benefits.

With the added benefit of being used in heart disease, diabetes and other conditions, Astragalus is thought to extend the average lifespan.

In addition to its believed ability to prolong life, Astragalus is used to treat a wide variety of ailments, such as fatigue, allergies and the common cold. It’s also used against heart disease, diabetes and other conditions.


Benefits of Astragalus Root

1. May Boost Your Immune System

The main constituents of astragalus, which strengthen your immune system, are the beneficial plant compounds.

The immune system is responsible for the defense of the body against various pathogens such as bacteria, germs and viruses that lead to several diseases.

It has been referenced that astragalus may have the ability to enhance white blood cells production, which are the cellular defenses of the immune system against various diseases.

The roots of astragalus are useful against bacteria and viruses in mice infections, as shown by animal research.

Viral infections in humans, such as the common cold and infection of the liver, can be treated with astragalus; however, there is limited evidence.

The research may be compelling; however, it’s a long road ahead in confirming the exact efficacy of astragalus against the prevention and treatment of diseases.

2. May Improve Heart Function

People suffering from certain heart diseases may experience an improvement in their heart function with the use of astragalus, as this leads to a transient increase in the amount of blood pumped from your heart as well as an increase in the widening of your blood vessels.

As per a clinical study conducted, heart failure patients were given 2.25 grams of astragalus twice a day over two weeks, in addition to their standard treatment.

The results showed an enhancement in heart function in these patients instead of those on standard treatment alone.

In another research, heart failure patients were given a daily dosage of 60 grams of astragalus by IV in addition to conventional treatment. The results of these patients include a marked decrease in symptoms as opposed to those on standard treatment alone.

However, not many studies have shown improvement in heart function in patients who have heart failure.

Nonetheless, research has shown that astragalus may be beneficial in conditions like myocarditis, which is the inflammation of the heart, but still, there isn’t sufficient evidence to back this up.

3. May Alleviate Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Astragalus may be of importance in combating the adverse effects of chemotherapy, as shown in some studies.

For instance, a study was conducted in which people going through chemotherapy were given astragalus by IV showed a decrease in nausea by 36%, vomiting by 50% and diarrhea by 59%.

Other research has also shown that astragalus helps alleviate nausea and vomiting in colon cancer patients going through chemotherapy.

As an added benefit, a study has shown that a dose of 500 mg of astragalus by IV thrice a week may help alleviate fatigue related to chemotherapy. The downside to this is that astragalus is only useful during the first week of treatment.

4. May Help Control Blood Sugar Levels

Astragalus root has active compounds that are useful in combating high blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

In China, the use of astragalus is quite popular as the most commonly prescribed herb in the management of diabetes.

Its use has been expanded in animal and test-tube studies, where it has shown an increase in sugar metabolism and a consequent decrease in blood sugar levels. Weight loss has also been reported by its use, according to an animal study.

Human studies have similar results to the ones mentioned above. However, more evidence is required.

For instance, research shows that a daily dosage of 40-60 grams of astragalus for four months can maintain blood sugar levels after fasting and after meals in individuals with type 2 diabetes.

5. May Improve Kidney Function

A marked increase in blood flow to the kidneys and an improvement in laboratory markers of kidney function, i.e. levels of protein in the urine, are all seen with the usage of astragalus.

The levels can significantly estimate the normal functioning of the kidney of protein present in the urine. When there are unusual protein levels in the urine, the condition is known as proteinuria, which is an indication of an abnormal or damaged kidney.

In patients suffering from kidney diseases, astragalus has proven beneficial in combating proteinuria and preventing infections associated with reduced kidney function.

For instance, a daily dosage of 7.5-15 grams of astragalus for three to six months resulted in a decrease in infection risk by 38% in patients with a nephrotic syndrome kidney disorder. Nonetheless, further research is required for its confirmation.

6. Other Potential Health Benefits

Various research that has been conducted associates astragalus with other beneficial properties, some of which entails:

  • Alleviation of symptoms of chronic fatigue: With the addition of other herbal supplements, astragalus may lead to a decrease in symptoms of chronic fatigue, such as tiredness, as shown by some studies.
  • Anticancer effects: Use of astragalus leads to an increase in apoptosis, or programmed cell death, in various types of cancer cells, as seen in test tube studies.

Improved seasonal allergy symptoms: As per a study conducted, a dose of 160mg of Astragalus two times a day lead to a reduction in symptoms associated with seasonal allergies like runny nose and sneezing, though further evidence is required.


Astragalus is associated with an improvement in immune responses, symptoms of chronic fatigue and seasonal allergies. Its beneficial range includes certain heart conditions, kidneys diseases, and type 2 diabetes. A safe daily dosage is up to 60 grams over four months for most people. However, no specific dose is recommended hence why it’s better to consult with your healthcare provider before any use of supplements.

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