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Nitric Oxide, also known as “the Miracle Molecule”

As we age, we naturally lose the ability to produce nitric oxide. By age 40, we lose 50% of our ability to produce Nitric Oxide and by age 60, we lose 85% due to atherosclerosis. Loss of Nitric Oxide production results in endothelial dysfunction, which can contribute to atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and other risk factors for heart disease & other chronic diseases.

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Turmeric | Curcumin | Black Pepper | Ginger | Amala

NEOANTIOX is the most powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant on the market. It contains AMLA (Indian gooseberry powder), Turmeric powder, 95% Curcurmin, Ginger extract and Black Pepper extract. It’s the most powerful natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory product on the market. It’s developed by the regenerative specialists and physician scientists specializing in longevity and regenerative medicine.

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42 Fruits | Vegetables | Herbs | Spices | Antioxidants | Prebiotics | Probiotics

Longevity and lifestyle medicine specialists recommend consuming 30 different plants every week to diversity gut microbiome, optimize gut health, improve immunity, increase energy and endurance, support recovery, helps with digestion, support brain health, diabetic health, cardiovascular health and healthy mood.

NEOGREENS contain 42 whole food sourced superfood ingredients.

No Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors, Additives or Fillers.

Organic, Plant-Based, Gluten Free, GMO Free and Dairy Free

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Clean Plant-Based Organic Protein

Nutrients from legumes are the common theme among the longest living people in the Blue Zones.

A proprietary blend of organic plant-based protein formula that serves up 20g of protein and only 110 calories in each serving made from legumes.  Fuel your body with clean, organic blends of Pea, Fava and Mung bean and rice for a balanced nutrition.

No artificial flavors, sweeteners, sugar added

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Overall wellness for heart, brain, gut and eye health

Plant-Based (Algae-Based) Omega-3

From Start to finish, NEOMEGA-3 is manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities that specialize in fermentation under strict NEOGEN LIFE quality standards.

The journey starts with an algae cell culture that is grown under a controlled, proprietary process and results in a consistently pure, natural potent and effective ingredients for human nutrition

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Maximum Strength – 5000 IU of D3 + 100 MCG of K2

Plant-Based Vitamin D3 with K2 

Due to modern lifestyle, 42% of the US population is vitamin D deficient with some populations having even higher levels of deficiency.

Vitamin D3 helps promote heart health and support healthy blood pressure, healthy immune system, improves mood and essential for healthy bone and teeth.

Vitamin K2 helps to reduce arterial calcium build up and improves blood flow and it’s essential for healthy bones and teeth.

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Plant-Based Probiotics & Prebiotics

Human gut contains up to 100 trillion microbiomes and science has shown that a healthy microbiome is critical for achieving optimal health.  The gut microbiome plays a very important role in our health by maintaining a healthy digestive system and supporting our immune system as well as many other aspects of our health.

NEOGEN LIFE’s NEOBIOME is plant-based and formulated by physicians with powerful 14 broad spectrum strains of probiotics.  It also contains optimal prebiotics to support the probiotics.

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Live Longer And Live Better. NEOGEN Life.

NEOGEN Life products were created to empower, equip, and optimize your life through a lifestyle-oriented approach that helps you achieve – and maintain – your best self.

We believe healthy living starts from within, which is why we created our products through rigorous testing, using only the highest quality ingredients and dosages to promote a life that starts with your body and helps you attain an aspirational lifestyle.

Healthy living doesn’t have to stop with your nutrition. The NEOGEN Community is composed of individuals, passionate about living their best life while empowering those around them through healthy living, sustainable nutrition, and an active lifestyle.

We’ve created an opportunity to join the NEOGEN Life team as more than a customer; allowing you to benefit from the perks of distributing NEOGEN Life products to your local community, or place of business.

Tiffany Wilkerson

Certified Nutritionist

If I say the NEONOX is amazing, that’s actually putting it lightly. I’ve had more energy and zero fatigue since trying this. It even gives me a wonderful boost before my workouts. This has now become my daily routine to live a healthier life and I couldn’t be happier to adopt NEONOX.