How Blood Pressure Works

Wilfred Manzano, MD Standford.

A Blood Pressure Solution Created by Surgeons 

When blood pressure really matters, only the best solution will do.

You might not have thought about this, but SURGERY is one of the times where blood pressure really matters, for obvious reasons!

After researching and looking for the best way to lower blood pressure for surgery, the surgeons at NeoGen Clinic realized the best wasn’t good enough.

These surgeons knew that one vital molecule necessary to a healthy cardiovascular system is Nitric Oxide. Low Nitric Oxide production is linked to poor cardiovascular function, increased risk of heart problems… and high blood pressure. But the products on the market intended to increase Nitirc Oxide were not able to effectively increase levels in the clinic's testing and research.

So to protect their patients, the NeoGen surgeons realized they needed to create a formula that would boost Nitric Oxide production better than what’s out there. Many products include Beet Root and Citrulline, which are powerful for boosting Nitric Oxide, but lack other important ingredients that help your body actually absorb and utilize them!

But the good surgeons created something that does it all.

It’s called NeoNox, and it’s powerful! 

It’s now the go-to formula before all their surgeries, but it’s useful for everyday life too!

Nitric Oxide is required for good overall health. And our bodies reduce production of it by 50% just by age 40!

For blood pressure concerns, it’s a no-brainer to introduce NeoNox in your everyday routine. But it’s also loved for its ability to boost energy and reduce brain fog!

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