Become a NEOGEN LIFE Brand Partner

It’s never been easier to generate
a second income online.


Why Become a Brand Partner?

NEOGEN Life is more than a product; it’s a community of likeminded individuals,
committed to achieving their goals of health, wellness, and financial freedom.

NEOGEN Community Provides

Superior Clinical Products

Shop from exclusive products, designed by our team of award-winning doctors and nutrition experts.

Rewards & Recognition

We take the time to recognize, and support, you as you become successful in your new business venture.

Turnkey eCommerce Business

Start a valuable eCommerce business from the comfort of your home. No experience required.

Transparent Team Culture

We're a team family that supports, encourages, and helps each other succeed in their business - and healthy lifestyle.


Learn valuable skills to grow your business from our team of qualified experts.

Financial Freedom

Enjoy a life of financial freedom; earning while you promote, and enjoy, a lifestyle business.

Turnkey eCommerce Business

NEOGEN LIFE gives you the opportunity to own, manage, and promote your own turnkey eCommerce business, from the comfort of your home. Take ownership of your income, while helping others improve their health!

As a NEOGEN LIFE Brand Partner, we provide you with all of the tools required for your success, including:

  • Replicated eCommerce Website
  • Marketing Materials
  • Exclusive Online Training
  • Community Support & Coaching
  • Exclusive Deals & Special Offers

Unlike traditional models, starting your own NEOGEN LIFE eCommerce business requires no up-front investment, experience, or long-term contracts.

NEOGEN LIFE My Business Accelerator (MBA) Program

Start a new chapter in your life and learn from online marketing experts how to run a successful eCommerce business.


We’ve assembled a special program for NEOGEN LIFE Brand Partners; the NEOGEN LIFE MBA (My Business Accelerator) program, which provides your with the the tools, training, and valuable education which will teach you how to run, market, and grow your new eCommerce business.

In our webinars and online video training, you’ll learn:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • eCommerce Site Management
  • Marketing 101
  • How to find new customers / brand partners
  • Motivation and coaching 

No experience is required! We tailor your education to provide you with the most valuable tools to help you succeed.


Jump-start your future, while promoting your lifestyle of health, wellness, and financial freedom.
Becoming a NEOGEN LIFE Brand Partner is as simple as choosing from one of our three options.


When you purchase NEOGEN LIFE Products, your cash back rewards will be applied to your account, and can be paid when $50 or more have been earned.